Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

All the tools you love. Totally re-imagined
Your favorite tools are about to get even better. Introducing Creative Cloud™ desktop applications, including Adobe® Photoshop® CC and Illustrator® CC. They're the next generation of CS tools. Get hundreds of all-new features. New ways to keep your creative world in sync - feature updates, settings, and feedback from team members. And, as always, your applications live on your desktop, not in a browser and not in the cloud.

Up-to-the-minute apps for everyone
Keep your team on the same page with the entire collection of Creative Cloud™ tools. Or, if you rely on only one app, like Adobe® Photoshop® CC, choose single-app membership (through resellers only). Everyone working with the latest versions of the same tools. Everyone sharing files from any device. And everyone stunned by the affordable price.

Everything you need to create
All-new desktop versions of your favorite creative tools and services, check. Immediate access to new features and updates, check. And that's just the beginning. With Creative Cloud™, everything you need to create intuitively and collaboratively is included.



Archiware P5 Backup
P5 Backup is backup software for professional use that can be setup within minutes. It lets you backup server data to disk or tape (like LTO-5) as well as backup and restore cross-platform on Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris. It works seamlessly with P5 Synchronize and Archive, allowing broad data availability options.

Archiware P5: Synchronize
Lets you replicate data to ensure high availability. Servers, RAIDs or SANs are cloned and immediately accessible as failover. With P5’s browser interface, synchronization is set up within minutes. Its also includes (X)San and FSEvents support for optimized workflows.

Archiware P5: Backup2Go
Is the ideal software to backup desktops and laptops to disk – regardless of their location. In the office, on the road or at home, P5 works cross platform on Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris and allows mobile backups.

Archiware P5: Archive
Is a long-term storage solution. This professional archiving software moves data offline to disk and tape. P5 can be setup within minutes, and works cross platform on Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris. You can restore data on any platform since P5 stores it in a platform-neutral format.

Retrospect for Windows
Retrospect 12.5 backup and recovery software for Windows provides medical offices, law firms, banks, auto repair shops, restaurants, departments in large corporations, universities, government offices and so many others with the peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are safe.

Retrospect for Mac
Retrospect 14.5 backup and recovery software for Mac provides graphic designers, medical offices, law firms, banks, auto repair shops, restaurants, departments in large corporations, universities, government offices and so many others with the peace of mind of knowing that their digital assets are safe.


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Certified payroll accounting software MAC/Win compatible

The payroll accounting software reduces your expenditure of time. Whether you are responsible for a small or a medium company in payroll accounting - forget the time consuming time to fill out all the required forms like wage statement etc. Take this additional time you won for customer care and acquisition. The payroll accounting software 4boss will make the required payroll declaration according to the «swissdec-standard» for you.

An easy to handle and flexible software

  • automation of monthly and yearly payroll accounting, wage statement, statistics and lists
  • electronically wire transfer DTA
  • «swissdec certified»
  • independent from CPU platform (MAC / Win) runs on client or servers.
  • Multi mandatory and unlimited employee

Payroll accounting software with a quality label «swissdec» 
Guarantied a high security standard and are the premise for the ELM (electronically salary declaration).
Warranty that the payroll accounting maintain and fits to the
government needs:

  • Secures a stable and efficient communication between payroll accounting software and receivers (SUVA, AHV, tax office and other insurances)
  • Guaranties security thru encoding and signed data transfer

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Who, how and where?
MacRobi has the all around service for you. We install and configure the payroll account software. We train you and support you for any support requests.



Office 365
Transform the way you work with Office 365. Office 365 gives you virtually anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on, plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer – Your complete office in the cloud.
Plans for every business size and need available.

Filemaker Pro
Tackle any business task. Powerful, easy-to-use database software that helps you and your team get any task done faster. Create forms, reports and labels. Share on a network and effortlessly manage all their information on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web.

Filemaker Pro Server
Securely share your data. It's fast, reliable, easy-to-use server software for securely managing your FileMaker Pro databases. Increase performance and support hundreds of users. Or choose FileMaker Server Advanced for Instant Web Publishing capabilities, ODBC/JDBC support.

Evolutionarily built on a mature foundation, 4D v15 is replete with features using the latest technologies, and all the tools to get your business solutions up and running. As your needs grow, simply modify your license to add functionality, without ever having to reinstall.

4D Server
4D server contains a highly competitive relational data bank, a server SQL and an Application server. 4D servers architecture is regardless of the elective platform, so that 4D server can run either under Mac or Windows.



Quark 2016
Creative expression requires the right tools and when it comes to professional results, details matter. QuarkXPress 2016 has been redesigned from the inside out to deliver stunning graphics, virtuoso productivity features and a design canvas to accentuate your creativity. So whether you love print or live digital, XPress Yourself with QuarkXPress 2016.

Suitcase Fusion 7
The Perfect Font Manager for Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite Brand.New font auto-activation plugins for Adobe® Creative Cloud™ applications, in-app font panels for instant access, cross-platform feature parity and now licensed for use on more than one machine. Great.





Endpoint Protector 4
Protect your network and sensitive data from threats posed by portable storage devices, file transfers, online applications and mobile devices.

Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, smartphones, tablets and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive may cause severe issues when it comes to controlling data transfers outside the company. As a cross-platform Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management product, it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Endpoint Protector 4 is a full DLP and MDM solution that prevents users from taking unauthorized data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on storage devices inside the network.

Device Control
For Windows, Mac, and Linux

Having the possibility to control USB devices and peripheral ports activity for employees' computers from a simple web interface will simplify your life. Strong device use policies will ensure proactive protection for a safer work environment with removable storage devices.

Content Aware Protection
For Windows, Mac, and Linux

It offers detailed control over sensitive data leaving the computers and endpoints in the network. Through efficient content inspection, transfers of important company documents will be logged and reported. Based on the company policy, file transfers will be allowed or blocked.

Mobile Device Managment
For Android, iOS, and Mac OS X

It provides enhanced control over the use of the Android and iOS mobile device fleet as well as Mac OS X computers. Enforce strong security policies and access detailed tracking and asset management of all smartphones or tablets. Increase productivity by monitoring and pushing applications, network settings and more.

Virtual or Hardware Appliance
On-premise DLP and MDM

Having the option to implement a centralized, out-of-the-box appliance makes Endpoint Protector 4 the right data security solution. Simple to deploy and easy to use, there is no need to spend hours reading installation guides and going through complex learning curves.

G Data Antivirus
G Data AntiVirus 2016 protects you in many ways at once. Maximum security through active hybrid protection using CloseGap technology, and the best response times to current and local threats.
With the improved G Data BankGuard, for maximum protection while using online banking.

G Data ClientSecurity
The perfect tool for modern and effective corporation networks. All clients are centrally manageable and fully protected without any impact on the workstations performance, whether they are stationary or portable. The client-server based award-winning virus protection protects your network rapidly and efficiently while it assures a high usability and best overview.

G Data EndpointProtection
Introducing the second generation of G Data’s 100% centrally managed all-in-one solution for small, medium and large company networks: improved malware protection for notebooks, workstations and servers together with G Data’s PolicyManager: Individual device-, application, internet usage and web content control help you ensure compliance with the corporate policy.

G Data – Comprehensive protection against viruses, Trojans and other threats - now with CloseGap



OSX Server
Thanks to the legendary simplicity and power of the Mac, a server isn't just for big companies with large IT departments and huge budgets. Small studios, retail shops, even home-based businesses can all benefit. With OS X Server, you can make it easier for your employees to collaborate on projects and share files, automatically back up important data, host your own website and mail servers, and much more.

macOS Sierra
Siri makes its debut on Mac, with new capabilities designed just for the desktop. And that’s not the only way your Mac is smarter. macOS Sierra helps you rediscover your best photos, shop faster and more conveniently online, and work more seamlessly between devices. It can also help free up valuable storage space. Now your Mac does even more for you, so you can do more with your Mac.

Windows 10 - New ways to get things done
Discover fast and fluid ways to move things around, switch between apps, and go from one place to another. Explore the corners Share with your friends instantly. Search across apps, files, and the web. In Windows 10, you can do almost any common task by heading to the edges and corners.Your Start screen is accessible, no matter what you're doing. Swipe in from right edge or point with your mouse to the lower-left corner and you'll see the Start screen icon that takes you back instantly.


Windows Server 2016
With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft delivers a server platform built on our experience of building and operating many of the world's largest cloud-based services and datacenter. Whether you are setting-up a single server for your small business or architecting a major new datacenter environment, Windows Server 2016 will help you cloud-optimize your IT so you can fully meet your organization's unique needs.




Parallels Desktop 12 for MacOops, an error occurred! Code: 202208142358383f098d0e
With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting. Drag and drop files between Windows and Mac applications and launch Windows applications from your Mac dock. Powerful performance lets you run Windows productivity applications, even graphics intensive ones, with ease.

VMware Fusion 8.5
VMware Fusion 8.5 is optimized for the latest Macs and ready for OS X Mavericks and Windows 10 to deliver the ultimate Windows on Mac experience.
Get a more Mac-like experience when running Windows applications on a Mac. The VMware Fusion 8.5 enhanced user interface makes working with your Windows applications quicker and easier.

VMware Fusion 8.5 Professional
VMware Fusion 8.5 Professional delivers improved IT controls, unsurpassed platform support, faster, more powerful virtual machines, and enhanced usability. VMware Fusion 8.5 Professional allows IT to easily deliver multiple managed environments with a streamlined single virtual machine mode that prevents users from creating additional virtual machines.

VMware Fusion 8.5 Professional allows IT to easily deliver multiple managed environments with a streamlined single virtual machine mode that prevents users from creating additional virtual machines.




When someone is in front of a Mac, something incredible happens: the world around you seems to disappear and fall in love with this own and great world of Apple

Whether it is a device of the MacBook series, an iMac or a Mac mini is actually insignificant. The fact that a Mac makes the work much easier is already reason enough for one of the Apple products decided.

With the best design in the computer, the most comprehensive and most modern operating system the world has ever seen, you are no longer limited and you can enjoy the world of IT to the fullest.

Together we also find the right model for you. We are looking forward to your visit.



Whether it is a Windows-based desktop PC for everyday use at home or in the office - whether it is a workstation for the power users, we are available to you with advice and action.

If you are looking for a reliable, mobile device, we are sure to find the right model for you. We offer you the entire range of the following PC providers: Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Lenovo, Samsung.

We would be happy to advise you on a visit to our premises.



Milestone monitoring system
With Milestone's Open Platform concept, you can create a monitoring system that meets the unique needs of your organization - today and in the future. Choose a camera and any technology provider, because your options are practically unlimited.

Milestone Systems is the world's leading provider of IP video software with an open platform The XProtect platform provides powerful and reliable monitoring capabilities that have proven themselves a thousand times around the world. XProtect is compatible with a wide range of network devices and can be integrated into numerous systems. It provides leading enterprise video surveillance solutions to help them manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes, and reduce costs.

IT systems
IT systems are always based on networks. The performance, reliability and security of the networks are the basis for efficient operation and the correct handling of the business. Networks can extend over great geographical distances and contain a large number of connections to external networks as well as to the Internet. In addition, the network technology continues to develop rapidly. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for many companies to assess the quality and security of their infrastructure, especially their network.

With NETGEAR and Cisco, we offer you a complete line of reliable, low-cost, and simple network switches - from high-performance wire-speed layer 3 managed switches to entry-level smart switches to plug and play unmanaged switches for small and medium businesses.

The SonicWALL TZ Series sets new standards with higher performance, new redundancy, comprehensive anti-spam integration, application intelligence and control, and other innovations to provide greater protection and efficiency for distributed enterprise environments and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Access Point
The new definition of fast. The AirPort Extreme base station comes with 802.11ac technology and three streams. It brings WLAN to a whole new level. This allows data rates of up to 1.3 Gbit / s1 - which is three times faster than the previous 802.11n standard.

Emergency power systems (so-called UPS) for servers and PCs are comparable to a real insurance company. Properly planned and implemented, you offer the necessary investment protection and prevent failures and data loss. Protecting your IT infrastructure is our concern.



Brilliant and versatile, the screen - as a new source of inspiration. We expect this today from a good monitor, but sometimes the appearance is deceptive and one disappointed shortly after the purchase. This must be prevented and therefore we rely on good and well-known screen manufacturers. Everyone can find the right monitor for every application. Be it for everyday use at home, theirs Office applications or professional use in the high-end segment, e.g. Professional image processing in advertising agencies.


We supply products from manufacturers such as: Apple, EIZO, Hewlett-Packard, Philips or Samsung

These new monitors convince everyone who likes to be inspired.



There are many print solutions, but what is the right one?

Today, the demands on printers for private use as well as for professional use have increased enormously.
Print, fax, copy and scan capabilities for high-quality printouts for businesses using inkjet and LaserJet printers are standard today. That is why we strive to provide the right printers for our customers in the assortment and thereby make the selection easier for you. You can find the printer portfolio of Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Ricoh and Brother in our assortment.

Just ask us and we will be pleased to advise you.

Conferencing System

Conferencing System

The world's first intelligent switch for the group collaboration

Enables easy content sharing and tight integration of well-known business tools, such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync and RealPresence Desktop.

  • Excellent audio features, including: Enhanced HD Voice and automatic background noise suppression with Polycom's exclusive NoiseBlock technology

  • Advanced call handling, security, and provisioning features (H.264 AVC, High Profile, Lync Basic SVC)

  • Effortless audio connections via USB (cabled), Bluetooth, NFC (wireless) and IP using PC-based softclients, personal contacts or participation in calendar events

  • Participation in meetings in one step through calendar integration

  • Wide Open SIP call platform for interoperability with most and most important platforms, such as Skype for Business, Lync and the RealPresence platform

  • The industry's only bass reflex tube in an audiovisual solution for groups allows for low-frequency sounds and excellent multimedia sound.

  • 360-degree microphone cover and a microphone range of up to six meters. Easy extension of the range with optional expansion microphone.

Kombiniert herausragende Videoerlebnisse und eine neue, bahnbrechend einfache Schnittstelle
Polycom RealPresence Group Series ist die zentrale Schnittstelle

 der Enterprise-Grade-Video-, Sprach- und Kooperationserlebnisse fördert, die Entscheidungsfindung beschleunigt und Innovationen fördert. Nur Polycom liefert Video-Collaboration-Erlebnisse, die die Nutzer näher zusammenbringen und sinnvolle Konversationen für geografisch verteilte Teams führen.

Content Collaboration Erfahrungen

Share Inhalt bis zu 1080p Auflösung bei 60 Bildern pro Sekunde - Videoclips, CAD Animationen und medizinische Diagramme in bester Qualität.

Mit der Polycom VisualBoard-Technologie können Sie Dokumente, Zeichnungen oder irgendetwas markieren, das Sie während eines Anrufs teilen. Schliessen Sie einfach ein Touch-Display, eine Maus oder das Polycom UC Board-Zubehör an die RealPresence Group an, um sofort den einfachen Content-Sharing in eine interaktive und kollaborative Erfahrung zu verwandeln.

Verwenden Sie die Polycom SmartPairing-Technologie, um Inhalte von Ihrem Mobilgerät oder von der Cloud zu senden und zu kommentieren.

Verwenden Sie die People + Content IP-Anwendung, um drahtlos von einem PC oder Mac zu teilen.

Video Erfahrungen

EagleEye Producer nutzt innovatives Gesichts-Tracking, um sofort alle im Raum zu erkennen und sie alle ordnungsgemäss für mehr Einfluss zu verwenden, auch wenn die Teilnehmer hereinkommen, verlassen oder stehen, um präsentieren zu können. Ausserdem zählt es und erfasst die Anzahl der Teilnehmer in jedem Meeting, so dass Sie die volle Wirkung Ihrer Video-Investition messen können.

Für eine eindringlichere Erfahrung, zoomt EagleEye Director automatisch auf die Person die spricht, überträgt Gesichtsausdrücke und Körpersprache für höhere Auswirkungen und produktivere Video-Zusammenarbeit.

Einfache und intuitive Benutzeroberfläche, auch wenn man noch nie zuvor Video benutzt hat.

Polycom SmartPairing-Technologie macht es einfach, Ihr eigenes Polycom Tablet zu verwenden, um Videoanrufe zu starten und zu verwalten.

Jedes Büro kann mit seinen eigenen Kalender aus Microsoft Outlook ausgestattet werden, mit einem einzigen Klick, um Meetings zu vereinbaren. 

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

For iOS and Android

Say goodbye to the cable salad and inappropriate carriers. MiniBatt Wireless enables wireless charging for any 5V or 9V device.

MacRobi offers professional and flexible solutions to bring your furniture up to date. The powerful wireless chargers from MiniBatt take furniture electrification in Switzerland to a new level.

The wireless chargers and receivers are easy to use and configure. Just put the device on a loading area and let the magic pass!

Without cable - Without complications- No limits
Charge your smartphone comfortably and wirelessly and forget about the constant plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. Simply by placing your mobile phone on the Wireless Charger, the device is detected and automatically starts charging by induction. In addition to the easily installable charging of MiniBatt (visible or invisible), the range is supplemented with matching tabletop stations, power rings and mobile power banks.





By introducing efficient communication systems into your business environment, you can save up to 25% of your working time, increase the company productivity and the employee engagement.

Wildix Collaboration is a web-based tool that enables simple, instant and secure communication between the employees from different offices of the company, situated all over the world, from office phones, PC, but also from mobile devices (BYOD). You can participate in a conference, make a call (video, audio), start sharing your desktop, send faxes and virtual reminders with just one click.

Each user can access the Wildix Collaboration tool from any location (office, home, on the move, any place with Internet connection), using any device (PC, laptop, tablet), regardless of the OS and without having to install any components.Wildix Collaboration allows communicating presence information and geolocation, so that each user can monitor in real time who is online, absent, busy in another conversation or does not want to be disturbed.




  • Geolocation
  • Presence information
  • Conference
  • Desktop sharing and file transfer
  • Virtual Post-It reminders
  • Attendant Console
  • hared phonebooks
  • Security thanks to advanced encryption system

Browser Collaboration

Browser Collaboration

Wildix Collaboration revolutionizes the standard concept of Attendant Console by offering an intuitive and simple to use solution, that speeds up internal and external communication. Wildix Attendant Console is accessible from any HTML5 browser and doesn’t require installing any components. Attendant Console is available in seven languages and supports assistive equipment for users with vision disabilities.

The attendant console is available in 7 languages and even supports tools for people with visual impairment

WebRTC Kite

WebRTC Kite

What is WebRTC Kite?

Wildix Kite is a professional solution for business communication based on the WebRTC technology that brings Unified Communications to the website.

With Wildix Kite a website visitor can communicate with the company call agents via chat, audio and video call, desktop sharing and file transfer , all this with just one click. Kite is fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system and it turns the corporate website into an efficient marketing tool.

Some features of kite:

  • Wildix Kite Technology: WebRTC
  • No client software needs to be installed
  • Chat, Calls and Videocalls
  • HD-Video
  • Social media login for internal and external use
  • Desktop-Sharing und File Transfer
  • Speaker auto-detection
  • Mute Modus 



Reduces the distance, optimizes business opportunities

Finally, there is a video conferencing system that you can use directly from your desk without having to sit in a conference room and without complicated applications that often do not work as you would expect.Wildix's WebRTC-based ubiconf video conferencing is available with just one click for business and public use without the need to install additional components.

What are the advantages?

  • No installation of client software required.

  • Enter into the video conferencing room directly, using your computer, which must be equipped with a webcam and a microphone; Click on the conference link and you will be in the video conferencing.

  • Add your colleagues (at any time).

  • Add external users (possible at any time).

  • The video conferencing is accessible to external users via a simple link.

  • Select the phone number of the video conferencing to join the audio mode.

  • Share your screen or documents with other participants.

  • Plan the conference with the scheduling service. The appointment will be added to your calendar and you will receive an email before the conference begins.

  • Take your time. You do not have any time restrictions, the Videoconferencing Room remains open as long as you wish.

  • Invite you if you want. You have no limit on the number of participants in the video conferencing room, the only limitation is your bandwidth.

  • Record your audio or video conferencing.

  • Use our speakerphone ubiconf voice for perfect audio quality in large video conferencing rooms.

Server solutions



More than a Mail Server
Kerio Connect mail server brings business-class email, instant messaging with group chat, delegation, shared calendars, and contact management to most email clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices at a fraction of the cost and IT overhead. 

Adapted to your system
With integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, automated backup and an easy Web Administration interface, Kerio Connect gives businesses everything they need for secure email and messaging in one low cost package. 

Deployment options for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware and public and private cloud hosted options, allows Kerio Connect to fit in virtually any customer environment.

Windows SME Server

Windows SME Server

Reliable, efficient and safe
HP delivers superior server choice that can reliably support any workload. Our commitment to focused innovation allows HP Server customers to do more with less. We bring it all together through HP services, support and consulting and a broad network of partners, delivering a world-class server experience to your business.

Focus on Your Business
The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen9 is a small, quiet, and stylishly designed server that is ideal as a first server solution for small businesses. With a form factor that is easy to use and service, it helps small businesses drive down their expenses while improving productivity, efficiency, and security.

Suitable for SMEs
The HP MicroServer Gen9 is tailored specifically to companies with fewer than ten employees. It secures critical information centrally and make them available to the employees. Data and applications that are hosted on the server can be accessed from anywhere with almost all devices that have an Internet connection. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials facilitates collaboration and improves productivity.

NAS Storage

NAS Storage

Lenovo EMC px6-300d
Stores, protects and shares all of your important files, locally and remotely with cloud convenience - perfect for small offices, workgroups or advanced home networks.

Business-Class Network Storage
Maximize savings and improve data protection for your business with world-class features that store, manage and protect your valuable files.




A Better Alternative
Business-class email, calendars, and contacts without the overhead and complexity of comparable solutions. This means huge savings.

Always Connected
Connect from any web browser with Kerio Connect client, or from any mobile device. Get in touch via Kerio Connect Instant Messaging.

Advanced Email Protection
Built-in security, backup and archiving tools protect against spam, viruses, malicious attacks and data loss, while maintaining compliance.

Contact us or ask for a customized offer

Online Backup

Online Backup

Backup your data online
On each computer are treasures of data: key documents, memories in the form of pictures and movies. To protect this information from loss, we offer our back-up solution to you. MacRobi Online Backup allows you permanent protection of your data without you having to even worry about it.

Once setup with us, you can forget your worries about data loss. We automatically and continuously back up your data onto our hosting server - including monitoring.

Your cost and time saver
Save the cost of expensive tape streamers, tapes and backup software. It also saves you the time you need to create a backup and control.

No longer to manage backup media, no more worries about daily change the backup tapes and no longer enclose your backup HD's in the bank vault.

More informations and pricing (PDF)



The Onlinestorage with FileSync under your control:

ownCloud is file syncing and sharing for businesses, as easy to use as consumer products, but hosted in our data center or on your servers. Users can access corporate files from anywhere and any device at any time.Get a personal and individual offer

More informations

Private Cloud

The OwnCloud software is provided for installation in your datacenter. This means that it is managed by you according to your policies and procedures.

ownCloud offers:

  • Transparency
  • Controll
  • Integration possibilities in complex, safe and compliant environments

Other Features:

  • ownCloud is open source - no limitations and you can inspect, integrate, extend and modify ownCloud however you want.
  • ownCloud offers an easy user interface with search, favorites, tags and other ways to quickly get at your files.
  • File editing and preview support for PDF, images, text files, Open Document, Word files and more.
  • Integration of anti-virus scanning functionality with the anti-virus app.
  • LDAP / Active Directory integration.
  • Example files for new users. Preload a user's Files area with, for example, a tutorial file, which appears when they first log in.
  • Powerful integrated logging.
  • Fine-grained control over access to data and sharing capabilities by user and by group.
  • Advanced quota management with configurable accounting of external storage.
  • Sharing REST API. Control sharing from mobile apps and desktop clients.

Avast Managed Workplace

Avast Managed Workplace

What's Managed Workplace and what do I need it for?

Managed Workplace is a complete Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

platform with robust, integrated Security Tools and Services.

A System, which isn't updated regularly offers a huge entry point

for Cyber Criminals. Avast Managed Workplace takes over this task -

it offers automated patches for operating system updates.

Upon your desires, it can come with an integrated antivirus Software.


Hardware Components usually fail, before there's a sign to appear. Therefore it's too late to react already. Avast Managed Workplace offers the possibility through active monitoring and alert functions to take action before the worst case becomes reality. You decide, which components are critical, thus to be monitored by us.